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Beth Coulter


    MABEL BE.  

My Style My Style Uncertainty 24x18 Acrylic Sold 127278861 Path of Possibility Acrylic/collage 24x18 Sold 84532242 Gravel Roadin' Daze Acrylic 48x48 NFS 84534127 What (Should) Matter Most? 18x18 Acrylic/Collage Sold 127278862 Daydreamer Acrylic 20x16 84534126 Old to Bold Acrylic 20x16 $150 SOLD 84531310 Seeking the Creator Acrylic 20x16 NFS 84532243 On The Rocks Acrylic 20x16 NFS 84531311 Pot Painting Acrylic 20x16 Sold 84531312 To Dream Big 18x18 Acrylic Sold 173138418 What a Pair! Acrylic 16x16 Sold 106260634 Fat Blue Pot Acrylic 36x34 NFS 84531308 A Strong Finish 20x18 Acrylic/collage NFS 173139757 Me Lucky Day Acrylic 18x18 NFS 115787613 Forgiveness 20x18 Acrylic NFS 173138415 Mother N Laws Tongue Acrylic 20x16 $150 84531309 New Beginning 18x18 Acrylic/collage NFS 173138417 Moonbathing 20x24 Acrylic Sold 173138416 Beauty in the Broken 18x18 Acrylic Sold 177650963 Always Room to Grow 20x18 Acrylic Charity event 193197075 Break On Thru 18x18 Acrylic/collage NFS 197417339 Still Standing Acrylic 24x20 NFS 96002980 Jesse's Angel Acrylic 20x16 NFS 84533268 Bubbly Siesta 16x20 Acrylic/collage $250 SOLD 197417340 Puzzled Acrylic 36x12 $350 84531313 Deep Roots 24x20 Acrylic/collage $350 SOLD 197417341 Family 12x9 (painting size) Acrylic 197417343 Light Meets Dark 18x18 Acrylic $150 197417344 Peace By Piece 40x30 Acrylic/collage $650 197417345 Sweet Escape 20x24 Acrylic/collage $350 SOLD 197417346 Facing My Fears 24x20 Acrylic/collage $600 197417529 The Spirit 18x36 Acrylic $375 205878619 Smart Donkey 14x11 Acrylic SOLD 205878620 4 Fore 30 2019 16x20 Acrylic For an event (Overall finisher prize) 206065321 4 Fore 30 2018 (Tenacity) 16x20 Acrylic For an event (Overall finisher prize) 206065324